Urban Architecture 

We believe that architecture forms the "building blocks" of our cities and neighborhoods. The UDA team provides Schematic Design and Design Review services for key, signature buildings as an extension of our urban design practice. Our goal is to create buildings of lasting value for the communities they serve.  Below, we have examples of built work from the UDA Studio as well as architecture "on the boards".

Architecture Services 

We have designed projects of all types and sizes.  Typically, we design to the Schematic Design or Design Development level and partner with local architects for construction documents.  We provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Schematic Design & Design Development
  • Architectural Testing & Feasibility
  • Character Studies
  • Design Review
  • Testing of Codes and Design Guidelines

We have worked for many types of clients, from major corporations to single-family homeowners.  Primarily, we work with the following client types.

We consistently work with national and local homebuilders to achieve a competitive edge. Our goal is to utilize budgets wisely and increase sales and revenue.  In doing so, we create dwellings that work well inside and out that, together, form great neighborhoods for people to live and work.  In many cases, we provide a master plan and architecture in a coordinated, interactive process.

Developers, Foundations & Cities 
We provide Schematic Design services for key new buildings that set a vision for the neighborhood master plan. UDA also performs Design Review at all scales from large hospitals and skyscrapers to dwellings and signage.  Our reviews allow the architecture to move forward with confidence by the developer and architecture teams. We review applications based on design guidelines or mutually-agreed upon design principles for creating great urban architecture.